UO Professional Development for Educators
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Foundations in Mathematics K-5

August 1-3, 2017
Tuesday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.


Reid Shepard

Pass/No Pass

Mathematically proficient students are able to demonstrate conceptual understanding, fluency and be able to apply mathematics in real world contexts. In order for teachers to realize the goal of mathematical proficiency for all students, teachers need to base instructional decisions on three areas of concern: the mathematical content, the students, and the ways in which students learn mathematics. This course will center on enhancing teacher's knowledge of the mathematical content they teach, and they will engage in tasks and discourse as learners. They will also analyze and reflect on tasks and discourse as practitioners.

Registration and Fees

  • Credit Fee: $75
  • Registration Deadline: 08/01/2017
  • Online registration not currently available for this course